shipping policy

In the following table we show you all the information you need to know about shipping rates and delivery times.

IMPORTANT: Orders placed after 1:00 p.m. they will be processed and shipped the next business day. Finally, orders placed on Saturdays after 1:00 p.m. will ship first thing Monday morning with backorders.


  • Standard Shipping: 15 - 18 Days (FREE) - INCLUDES THE ENTIRE STORE
  • Standard Shipping: 5 Days (FREE) - Only includes the collection: DELIVERY IN 48H
  • Flash Shipping: 24-48H (S/. 9.99) - Only includes the collection: DELIVERY IN 48H
  • Standard Shipping: 10 - 15 Days (FREE) - INCLUDES THE ENTIRE STORE
Check here:
(applies to all countries not listed above, time and cost varies by country)


  • All of our orders are processed within 24 hours of being managed on our website, unless the order was placed on a holiday or weekend, in which case it will be processed the next business day.
  • All the products in the 48H DELIVERY collection are processed and shipped from our warehouse in PERU.
  • All products except those in the 48H DELIVERY collection are processed and shipped from our warehouse in EUROPE, UNITED STATES or CHINA.
  • We always guarantee delivery of your order, but promotions and special offers may be delayed due to high demand for our products.
  • All our products leave our facilities 24 hours after placing the order. We ship to all countries by plane, which allows us to offer an international service.
  • In specific cases, due to high demand (Black Friday, Black Monday, Christmas, etc...) or logistics issues, shipping can take up to 10 additional days.
  • Having a margin of 28 days for the product to arrive, if this is not the case, you can proceed to the refund for the lost/not shipped order.
  • All our shipments are insured and have a tracking number that can facilitate the delivery of your order.


  • If the client does not put the correct address in the order and does not notify us 12 hours after the order (before the shipment and package is processed) and the package cannot be delivered due to the wrong address, there will be no option for a refund and a The next shipment of said package will be the responsibility of the client and buyer.
  • In the event that at the time of delivery of the order it is not possible to contact the client, we proceed to notify via mailbox and if the package is not collected from the notified office within 15 days, it will be sent to the factory again, having lost said package without the option to refund.
  • In case the shipment has already been made, it will not be possible to change the delivery address since the shipments are under the delivery of external companies (Correos España, Posta Italiana, CTT Express, MailAmericas, etc.) and we do not have the power to change the delivery address once the order has been sent from the warehouse, so the customer is responsible for the loss of the package in case the correct address was not indicated, the house has been changed or similar.
  • If the order contains a product from the DELIVERY IN 48H collection, it may be modified at any time by the customer, prior notice via WhatsApp at +39 3755756867
  • Factors such as logistics delays and customs clearance may affect the estimated delivery time. MOCCA BEACH STORE is not responsible under any circumstances for taxes, fees or tariffs applied to shipping or fees that may be applied at customs for the purchased package, so the person responsible will be the buyer and client of MOCCA BEACH STORE providing the value required at customs without being able to process a return. We ship from the United States, Europe or China to anywhere in the world.
  • To request any information or concerns about shipping and delivery, please contact us at
  • Our products come from the United States, Italy and China, any design used is copyrighted and any resemblance to another brand is coincidental.

  • Any return, for whatever reason, the cost of shipping back to the warehouses is borne by the customer. (We will pay the shipping of said change so that the product returns to the buyer).
  • By purchasing on our website you accept all the aforementioned terms, so if they are met, no type of refund can be processed.